So if you're wondering...

My grandmother flew up from Florida and is with us for Christmas! Yay. She's a cute, wrinkly old lady who dyes her receding hair a blondish color and doesn't sit up straight. She's really cute though. She's just so old timey. I think she's like 85. Or something. She was either born in 1927 or 1929. I don't remember which. But anyway. We took her to the art museum the other day and I pushed her around in a wheelchair and she was so cute.

But anyway, if you're wondering, I did in fact get a ukulele. And winter drum line. And Miike Snow and Neutral Milk Hotel CD's, and the Kiki's Delivery Service Japanese soundtrack, and of course winter drum line, and a ton of hair stuff and liquid eyeliner, and gloves. And a new fuzzy blanket!

Sooooo... merry christmas to all and to all a good night!

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