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I recently stumbled upon the soundtrack for Home somehow (it's very good), and then I decided to watch the movie.
I really just don't have words to describe it. It's scary what the movie shows. You can watch it for free online here. http://www.goodplanet.org/en/ I mean, some of it seems kind of dramatic for the sake of making a hard hitting mood, but it worked, I tell you.
Honestly I couldn't tell you my stand on global warming. I know that temperatures are rising and I know the negative impacts it has on the environment. I am pretty certain humanity has a hand in the potential destruction of this planet. However, how can we prove that this isn't another one of Earth's natural cycles we're trying to control? Still... the pollution and exploitation of natural resources is undeniable and should be stopped ASAP if we want to have anything left of our planet for years to come.

So... If you have a spare hour and a half lying around, I highly recommend watching it.

If you can believe it, I told my Marine Ecology/APES teacher about my sharks project and Oceana, and he actually tried discouraging me from doing it. And he's the sponsor of the environmental club. wtf? He said go ahead and try, but Senator ******isn't actually going to listen to me.
Now what kind of attitude is that??? I'm a vegetarian, yes, and if only a few people do it, it has virtually no effect. But if more and more people boycott meat, imagine how many animals we could save from cruel conditions, how many people we could feed with grain normally going to the livestock, how much oil we could save by eliminating the transport, how many trees we could save by not clearing land for processing factories. Just saying.
A drop in the bucket is nothing... but a lot of drops in the bucket, now that's something.

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