Well... I came really close to kicking my New Year's Resolution in the ass... but I got lazy and didn't. You guessed it folks- I read 49/50 books in 2010. I doubt I have time to read another in the 24 minutes I have left in the year.

But what can I say? We make mistakes; we learn from them. So here are all the mistakes I made in 2010:
- I was afraid to get involved with someone who I was certain no one would approve of.
- I sacrificed valuable friendships for the sake of "popularity."
- I was a snob to the other girl who didn't make section leader right back to her.
- I also talked smack about people behind their backs.
- I let my commitment to God totally slide this year.
- I wasted my talents. Instead of practicing I read books or played on my gameboy.
- I didn't work out very often.
- I focused on the negative things.
- I let my room get totally messy.
- I didn't paint it like I said I would.
- I backed into another car because I was too cocky to turn around and look. Luckily no damage was done, but still.
- I wasted too much time on the computer.
- I constantly compared myself to others.
- I didn't get along sometimes with my sisters or parents.
- I judged. A lot.
- I hid behind a self-created wall.

Hopefully, in the coming year, all those "Oops"-es will cease to be such because I'll have learned something from them. In the end things usually have a habit of turning out okay, yannoe?
and if you're wondering what my new challenge is going to be this year... well, I have like ten minutes to decide. I'll letcha know.


Wow, you really read all that? Danggg. Props! =]

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