i've figured it out.

The reason why I've been feeling so weird is because I haven't had a real "F*#$ Yeah" moment for a while. In fact, I can't think of the last time... except when I got section leader over this one girl, who, last year all the time, was like "oh yeah, when i'm section leader next year..." ha!

but... That's my new years resolution, I've already thought of it.


Madeline said...

haha. I'm commenting back here too. We need another way to do this. :P but yeah. I totally agree. It was so HARD to have my blog violated that way, and really: she never read my blog. not many people do. I'm making a secret blog for that reason. I'm going to let people on when they complete a scavenger hunt (that I have yet to make) because it's a show of loyalty or whatever :P anyway. the point is. I'm really over the "fight" with the girl, but she will never really be my friend again, because my blog is a place I vent and... feel.

Madeline said...
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Karena said...

How fun and I love a puzzle, as long as can find you!!

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Wow, you really read all that? Danggg. Props! =]

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