I'm supposed to be doing homework.

But I figure, in the event that Aves or any other nice, cute, non ass, non gay guy would decide to ever ask me out, I would opt against the conventional movie or coffee first date. I don't even like coffee that much. So over the past few days that I've been thinking about this I came up with a list of other date ideas.
Here are some of my little gems:
- Go on a photo safari.
- Try the "weird" ice cream flavors like jamocha and pistachio.
- Go to the flea market.
- Pack a picnic lunch.
- Go stargazing.
- Make a pilgrimage to the drive-in 50 miles away.
- Go ice skating.
- See local bands
- Cook dinner for each other/together.
- Have movie marathons.
- Go to the art museum.
- Blow bubbles.
- Go to Paint Your Pot
- Go to the planetarium.
- Go wading in the creek.
- Debate about ethics.
- Volunteer together.
- Draw each other.
- Play board games.
- Play video games.
- Watch vintage movies.
- Play "PENIS" - where one of you has to yell "penis" louder than the other in a public place. very funny game:) saw it in 500 days of summer. lulz.
- Go to the zoo.
- Go to the mall and play dress up.
- Sit in the grass by a highway or railroad tracks... watch the world go by.
- Feed ducks.
- Go to a playground. 
- Go to target and play with all the toys. (nerf guns, bouncy balls, etc.)
- Find each other's ticklish spots. (ohhhh scandalous0.o)
- Write songs togeter.
- Go sunbathing.
- Play-doh.
- Pretend you're in a photo booth and take pictures.
- Or go to an actual photo booth.

Sadly... my first date will still probably be a movie date. If there is a first date.
god i need a confidence boost.


Shinichi-kun said...

Wow, that's quite the impressive list. I've tried doing the same before but I always ended up failing. And then when I was going out with someone we'd just end up hanging out at my house or going to the movies anyway. You're lucky that you're so creative, I'm sure once one of them realizes how awesome you are you'll get your chance to exhaust your list. I don't understand it, you're really creative, and you seem very much like an intellectual, sure i only know you through this blog, but it seems like you should be able to get people, there are plenty of guys who actually care about whats inside so much more than the out.

But on another note, have you really talked to them? and as A guy who has always had to do the asking, and who always gets nervous when doing so, it would be nice to be asked, because we go through the same insecurities, and it really sucks. There have been times when I knew what the answer would be, and times I had no clue, and I've faced rejection, as a matter of fact that very thing happened today, but at least I asked, and now, even though it sucks to have been rejected, I know that there's no chance and I can try to find someone else and move on. It wont be easy, but now that I've asked I feel better, not having to worry about it.

So, feel free to disregard the advice of someone who doesn't know you or the situation to any large extent. but that's what I had to say, we hate asking just as much, and we still get nervous, but It's better to take a leap then to stay waiting.

Cypress said...

aw thanks shin you're such a sweetheart!
and no, i do need to be more proactive with myself. i keep telling myself i prefer the "traditional" dating routine, where the guy does the asking and the driving or whatever. but yannoe.

thanks for the advice! :)

Stephanie said...

Cypress, i am almost 22, i've been in love twice (single now though) and i was so pleased to stumble on your blog. its refreshing to read. check mine out as i am ranting about my upcoming graduation from college and i am confident of plenty boy rants to come in the future. i love this list, and i promise that you'll find someone with your spirit of adventure who wants to help you cross them ALL off your list. don't get discouraged- regardless of what age/stage of life you're in- boys suck and all things are good in their time. i could easily title any of my posts, "i should be doing homework." haha, and i agree with the first comment- stick your neck out there, its always attractive to a guy to see a girl who knows what she wants. and what do you have to lose?
good luck! hope to hear from you again

The Conductor said...

don't assume. there's hope for a more creative dude. maybe he'll help build it. :)


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