This is weird. I'm home for a weekend break - the rest of today, tomorrow, Sunday, and most of Monday, and then it's back to Governor's school with me. I'm not crying. I'm just afraid to settle in here because I have to keep myself thinking that Governor's school is home for me. It will be weird sleeping alone without a roommate tonight.

I'm on my own computer again and it's weird to see things in widescreen. My mother is shopping, my dad is working (for now yay!) and both my sisters are at summer camps. This silence is so weird after three weeks of input and noise. I can't believe it's already been three weeks. If only band camp would go this fast.

I feel like I'm afraid to relax though. I mean it's only three days of sleeping home then back to the dorms.

Here is what I hate about Governor's school:
- Waking up at 7 AM because of my bloody roommate blow drying her hair with no consideration for her sleeping roomie.
-  Classes on Saturday mornings.
-  Missing home.
-  No difference between silence and awkwardness and loneliness.
-  No doing things on my own schedule.
-  Hard beds.
-  Upcoming concerts.

But here is what I miss already:
-  Always having something on the agenda
-  Always having friends right down the hall
-  Freedom in classes
-  Good food
-  Fun electives

so that's that.

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Yuree said...

I miss it too. It's so weird... But I like being at home too. It's nice and comfortable. I'm actually not a home right now but at the store. Haha.

Text me or something when you are bored!


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