the little things bring tears to your eyes

So as you all know I'm at Governor's school. Everyone here is like awesome. There's this one kid, though, who is in a wheelchair. I don't see him with a lot of friends, just with some staff member dude guiding him around and holding doors for him. I always felt sorry for him, because he never looks happy.

Last night we had a variety show, which of course, was epic, but that's not the point of this story. The lights dimmed, and then this kid rolled out on his little wheelchair to the center of the stage. We were silent as he took his hands off the motor control thing and put them in his lap. Then the music came on and he began to sing.

It was a pretty little Christian song about always having faith in God to catch you and be there for you. I cried. Not just because it was a beautiful song but because this kid who evokes pity and misunderstandings was cool with putting himself up there and letting us all know what he's really like. Someone who I judged and never expected to be able to sing, or someone who would hide in his shell his whole life.

We all stood and cheered when he rolled back off the stage.

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