"say hello to forever"

It's been a very suicide filled week. In honor of the two people who died, I'll dedicate such a beautiful post to them. ;) Because my writing is so beautiful. But on with it...

First there was a guy at my school, he hanged himself on Monday. It's awful. The senior rock has been painted in his memory, and people have put messages in sharpie all over it. I would post a picture, but it's so crappy it looks like a great big blob in the middle of a bunch of slightly painted mulch. Everything's painted around the rock. The trash bins, the picnic tables, even some of the trees are painted. It's all still there, and no one's painted over it yet. Someone might for the soccer game tonight, but I think that while we should move on, we should leave it as a reminder, a monument. However, something a bunch of seniors are legally allowed to vandalise will not stay the same colors for long.

The other person I can think of is the South Korean model, Daul Kim. Found dead on Thursday by her boyfriend in Paris. Her last blog post- November 18- was titled "say hello to forever." Awwww.

That's just what everyone wrote on the rock for the guy at my school... silly things like, "man I've known you forever" and bringing up old jokes. Some people wrote heartfelt things about how much they would miss him. There were other things like "forever young" and "gangstaz die young," doodles, hearts, peace signs, and some people just wrote RIP. Seems kind of sad but at the same time it's kind of cool to see all his friends haven't forgotten him.

Rest in peace.

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