My Guy Friend

After posting this, I realize a little clarity is needed. The "he" pronoun is usually reserved for the guess who, the love of the lifetime/week, and any other he pronouns are for plain old people. Since I don't want to use names, "he" in this post is my guy friend and "guess who" is "guess who." They are definitely not the same person.


He knows something's up, so he texted me and asked if I was okay. I said yes. He didn't believe me, so I made something minor up and then he believed me. Here is what he said in the second to last text... "uuuuhhhhh it sort of made sense.... u sure ur ok though.... the only reason im being over obsessive is bcause ur my friend and I want to make sure ur okay" This was a big aww moment, and I thanked him for that.

I want to pour my heart out to him and tell him everything. I want to tell someone. I want to tell them every little thing just to get it off my chest.

In reality though, it’s probably good that I can’t breathe when I’ve got all this shit on my chest, because I’d probably say something dumb or my heart would escape and run down the hallway to my guess who, and then I’d die because my heart ran away.


Tania said...

Well if you need to tell someone something, you know I'm always there. Come talk to me during lunch (i'm always lonely. lol) or email me. Txt me. Call me. Anything, i'm always listening. *hugs*

Taylor said...

Find someone and tell them. Just tell them. Regardless of what you think might happen, just tell them. If they're true, they'll accept it and give you a hug.

Madeline said...

the clarification helped. and saying something stupid gets rid of people who can't put up with you at your worst...


Wow, you really read all that? Danggg. Props! =]

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