The end.

Hey friends. I'm still here and I'm still alive, but I'm officially going to retire this blog. I still keep extensive journals and I, frankly, still obsessively write down every little thing that happens in my life. It's just not online anymore, because fuck that noise.

I might try to get published on Thought Catalog and if I do, maybe I'll do an epilogue post directing anyone still lingering here around, but if not, I'll see you turnips later. It's crazy to know that this blog has been around for nearly 7 years. That's like... a third of my life, jesus.

Anyway. Everything will be immortalized. Since I've lost most of my 2012 journals, this is pretty much the only record that I have left. The sidebar is pretty much stuck in 2013.

I mean, I looked back at all this shit and... it was a super blast from the past, yo. A lot of it is entirely cringe-worthy. I feel ... completely different.


More than anything, I feel older. I just have a different perspective. All my bitching about James and Kaitlin and everything... it's way gone.

The shit with Colin disappoints me the most. It still feels raw to me. I haven't found anyone else. I had a one night stand with some guy. Me and Colin had more sex after this. He's still dating Rebecca. I'm still viciously bitter about this. Somehow, we're still friends.

But the dog is still dead and I'm the one that fucking kept it. I have a dead fucking dog rotting and decaying in my rib cage. that's what this still feels like, and honestly, it's disappointing that this situation is really not much better. So, to past me, I'm sorry.

So that's an update. And that's where I'm leaving this blog. Until next time, if there is a next time, goodbye, friends. It's been ... enlightening.

The end.

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