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Ugh I'm bored. Now that word just looks like a noise.
Well, I have two jobs now. And they keep scheduling me for the same day because for whatever reason it's written in the stars that i will never get a normal, regular work schedule. ugh ugh ugh. 
I get to work at 5pm.

On an unrelated note, my sister is helping her boyfriend's family clean their garage, because he's leaving for college in like a week or two. She came home looking for a mop. We didn't have any mops, but we did have some dusters that looked like they hadn't been used in 20 years so we sacrificed them to the cause.

ok our garage is so messy i'm terrified of my parents suddenly dying because that'd mean I'd have to clean it. Our garage is full of shit that probably hasn't been touched since the 80's no joke. So we came up with a plan- we'd clean most of the house and get the stuff we care about out, then we'll "accidentally" burn it down. I'm sure that the insurance companies would feel terrible for us. Just lost our parents and then in our time of grief lost our house too. I mean we'd have to pay for someone to clear up all the rubble... but at least we wouldn't get tetanus or other strange infections from the depths of the garage lol. 


Smita said...

clean your rage and get rid of boredom :p

Pinteresting Patty said...

hey, at least everything you put in your garage doesn't get touched! I bring something home to my parents for a weekend and when I come to pick it up, no one knows where it is and nobody touched it... ruff life


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