I don't have time or energy for an artsy introduction or whatever to this
so i'm just gonna say it.
I think I'm my dad's favorite out of my two sisters. Let's be real. I'm a daddy's girl. He thinks I'm really smart and really funny and for whatever reason he's amazed by me and he can't stay mad at me and I've pretty much got him wrapped around my finger to get whatever I want. He thinks I understand him best and he and I like old stuff and the same music and the same movies and all that. He always puts me first.

He's retired Navy. He loves kids. He's got a wicked temper. He likes manual-transmission cars. He likes classic rock. He has a strong sense of duty and responsibility. He can be awfully closed-minded and is a big-time creature of habit. He's stubborn. He can dish out jokes better than he can take them. He puts up this big tough-guy facade but really he's a big softie.

Colin is the exact same way.
I've known for a while that Colin and my dad are really, really similar.

But I just now figured it out that maybe I'm clinging to Colin how I shouldn't be, like I'm expecting that because he's like my dad, he'll give me the same kind of love my dad gives me.

Which is, I guess, a little fucked up, huh?

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