Rant on society.

Here is what I think is wrong with society.

We divide ourselves up. Way too much. Facebook asks you for your religion and political views. An EOC last year asked me my race and religion. It's not their business! I left it blank. I leave everything like that blank. Sometimes I don't even put my gender, because people will just judge and judge you. And anyway, if race, religion, and all that crap don't matter right... then they REALLY don't matter. If they didn't matter, you wouldn't be asking me.

We're always like, oh America's not racist.. yes we are. We are soooo racist. We are even counter racist. Affirmative action? No, that is not anti-racist. It's still racist, you're favoring one race over another, which is what we always say is so wrong. There's so much profiling going on even in my town which is hundreds of miles away from where that stuff is said to happen. In my cafeteria, people often sit according to race. You see a bunch of the black kids bussed in from poorer neighborhoods with the stereotypical gangster clothes and accents. You see the nerdy Asians all studying together. You see the rich white kids all up in their gucci and crap. And all the Muslim girls in this hijabs or whatever they're called all eat together. we don't even try to mix, just because we know... it simply won't work. that's the hard truth. We're bred to see that were just too different.

Oh and I know since I'm white, I have to say this. White is not seen as offensive. Black can be seen as offensive. To be completely correct, it's "African-American," "Asian-American," "Latino" or whatever... then there's just... White. I'm apparently not "European American." KNOW WHAT PEOPLE! We're all still Americans! Once you become a citizen, you are still American! Yes you can retain your heritage... but why does the name for it matter so dang much?

People are afraid to make a splash and do something different. "I love you man...  no homo." Isn't that insulting to gay people? And telling someone when they dive at a penny on the ground "OMG you're such a Jew." You get a 100 on a test. "Dude, how come you're so Asian?" She's mean. "She is such a nazi." Well, even if I disagree with what they did, everyone is entitled to their own beliefs. That's what we preach here. The "I'm okay, you're okay" sesame-street attitude. Well apparently we are all not "okay."

In America, we are such hypocrites. We run out to other countries to stop violence and attack other places for doing things wrong as we see them... hello??? We're turning into socialists here! We still have orphaned, starving children here! We still have people living in poverty! The world is not going to be better off with us meddling in it if we can't even take care of ourselves. And we all preach that all body types are beautiful, but we only see one type on TV and in the media. I hate media. I hate "reality" shows.

I also have a rant on Lady Gaga while I'm here . While I see her as a true artist, a revolutionary when it comes to self expression, and a totally inspiring lady... Her meat dress that she wore?

Someone please tell me it's a mistake and that's not real meat. This is almost worse than fur. Actually wait it is. As a vegetarian, I would naturally be appalled by this, but what message is she sending to all of us sheep-minded Americans? That it's okay to kill animals just to WEAR them? That's totally ... awful! To me, eating tem is bad enough! That we can just exploit natural resources and animals like that... Some people are like, yeah, I like a woman who eats and wears meat... but it's just barbaric! Ugh.

Here's another problem with America that I just proved myself: We expect other people to see things exactly as we do and are shocked to see that they don't. And we try to change their views. Well, even Lady Gaga's meat dress is okay by America's standards and the "I'm okay, you're okay" mentality because she is entitled to her own beliefs, however barbaric that dress might be.

Well... I guess that's a rant over for now.

EDIT: okay, hang on, I just looked up Lady Gaga's dress again. And I forgive her a little bit. Just because she is such a culture-defier and I appreciate that soooo much. Here:

On why Lady Gaga chose a meat dress, she told Ellen DeGeneres that it was a symbolic choice: "Well, it is certainly no disrespect to anyone that is vegan or vegetarian. As you know, I am the most judgment-free human being on the earth. However, it has many interpretations, but for me this evening ... If we don't stand up for what we believe in and if we don't fight for our rights, pretty soon we're going to have as much rights as the meat on our own bones. And I am not a piece of meat."

Still though, I'm appalled that she would just waste animals like that. I would feel better if it were fake. But I guess the realness makes the statement. Ughhhh Lady Gaga....

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Shinichi-kun said...

i wish i could like this lol. I hate how judgemental our society is. I am racist, and I hate it, but im fine with homosexuals, with jew or people of other religions, and im one of the few people i know who isnt a sexist and is just as willing to punch a girl as a guy if they deserve it, no one deserves special treatment or worse conditions. so yeah, awesome, and i hadnt heard anything about that dress... wow just gross, how can someone wear that?


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