here is why i do shallow things

...like read tabloids, watch Star Wars, and go shopping with friends. It's why America prefers to listen to songs about meeting girls in bars, sex, money, and love at first sight; it's why America does drugs and dances all night and blares music in the car.

It's to escape from the problems we're afraid to have. It's easier to walk away. It hurts less to listen to songs about moving your booty than songs about losing the ones you love. It hurts less to sing about break ups than death. A fantastical setting, like guys lining up to buy you drinks, waking up in the morning feeling like P-Diddy, having shiny cars, love and sex and magic... it's just an escape from real life things.

We just do shallow things to keep ourselves out of the deep things. I always write this a lot, but going to Governor's School made me realize how afraid I am to have to grow up and be separated from my family. I can't listen to songs about separation, or songs without words, I have to be hypnotized by songs about sex and love and things that don't even apply to me. If it's about loss, I can only take songs about break ups. Oh, I say, it's just a break up, I've never felt that pain so I don't care. It lets me be someone else.

I watch movies and read books and crap because it just lets me get away for a while.

It's like drugs. Without, you know, the actual drugs. But shallow things are just as addicting. Now I feel lke I need shallow things to stay afloat above the deep things.

When things get too deep, it's like Governor's School all over and I have a panic attack.

but that's honestly why i have to engage in all those shallow things. I'm assuming it's the same thing for America. Is it?


ROFO said...

I guess it's the same thing for the whole world.


Madeline said...

It's why one certian girl complains to me that "that bitch" stole her flip flops (that cost $50 for God's sake), and tells everyone all morning without ever addressing it with the other girl. I think pettyness does the same thing. Or maybe it's like some petty people (cough, cough Kassy Hemmen) don't have real problems so they blow up minor things to have the drama they lack from real problems. I think that people who experience REAL and HURTFUL drama are less petty. Just a thought.


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