blogging governor's school, part 2

Here is a conversation between me and someone else today.

Me: Hey, you know how coffee has caffeine and makes you hyper? What if they had like, a reverse coffee, that made you not hyper?
Person: Like... alcohol? ...

So much for intelligent conversation.

Yeah... so, not sure what to make. I was hoping to meet some cute guys and potentially my soulmate here. I've seen loads of guys but never had the courage to talk to them. We're always so separated. I just... I don't know. I'm meeting lots of girls and that's great... but there are still some people I wish I could be like, friends with, back at home, and there are the same type of people here but I can't get up the courage to talk to them. I don't see what is so hard.

It's like. "Hey, I'm Cypress." Then... - (see above conversation) - followed by Cypress blushing, trying fruitlessly to continue small talk, and ultimately coming up with some dumb excuse why I have to leave (my roommate is probably wondering where I am, I'll be late for class, I just remembered I left my music in my dorm, etc.) and then it was a total flop and I feel like a nerd.

What else is new.

they're partying out on the quad and part of me wants to join them. I have also been running around like all day to electives and stuff (today was area one, lunch, then later area one since all my classes are tomorrow, meditation elective, the undead and society (or whatever it's called) lecture, the poetry reading, and then the required films at 7. I really kind of want some time to myself, but part of me thinks I should go out and meet my soulmate who I'm convinced is here and is hopefully not just as shy as me.

Sorry for like spilling my heart out here, but my computer journal is on my red USB drive which is in fact MIA 0.o but it's okay because the important journals were password protected. my nerdy little sci-fi story i'm writing was not. but oh well. It's so much faster to type this than it is to write in my regular journal, soooooo.....

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