afternoon walks

These pictures were all taken by me on some of my afternoon walks that my shiny red camera and I like to take. These all are from where I said I'd post pictures and never did.
Moustache on Rob Patz? Note it.

Litter in the pond behind my neighborhood. Ewwww.


Evidence of beavers. Anyone know what kind of snake that is? I nearly stepped on it... while chasing a butterfly. Naturally.

This creek runs under a highway right next to the pedestrian tunnel. I hate that tunnel because there are no lights and it feels like a horror movie where the grudge is about to pop out or something. So I took this picture when I got out on the other side, like, "look creek, we both made it!" I wasn't sure how well I would do on the way back because we'd be going different ways, but I decided to deal with it later. I was texting while I was in there.

The marshes. This is what I kept walking for two miles to find haha. They're so pretty. Aside from the perpetual road noise, and the neighborhood that looms up on a hill to the west.

Another thing that makes the marshes not pretty is the giant bypass that is being built right next to them. I really, really hate noisy roads and development. Out there on that greenway is one of the quietest places that I can walk to, but nooo. The system works, let's screw it up. Welcome to 2010 Cypress.

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