As it is sunday, I will do something I have not done in a while...

A ten on sunday list! ooooooooooooo

10. iPods and iWhatevers.

9. Family guy. The show just uses old jokes.

8. "Green" movement. Really, buying a cloth bag does not save the environment unless everyone in the country does it. "Ohh, I'm so green"

7. "Emo." I hate the wannabe emos. Emo is a very real thing. But also, it's just a bunch of whiny kids. The wannabes are what throws it over the edge for me though. This gives way to the next two things.

6. Converse. As much as I love Converse, this is such a wannabe emo thing if you do it wrong. "ohhh I'm so emooooo"

5. Bands like My Chemical Romance and Hawthorne Heights or whatever. While I like them I hate how they are labeled emo because they are not.

4. Starbucks. really. Expensive coffee that in truth is not that great. But I admit, it is fun once in a while.

3. Being the loner. It looks so glamorous in movies and books, and the loner guy character is always hot/cute and always sad looking. But for real. Being a loner is not as fun, and most loners stay loners. Cinderella is wrong.

2. Obama. I mean really. He needs to walk all of his talk before I believe him. He has good intent and I respect him as a person but so far he's barely proven himself as a good leader. He's not even "black" he's "multi racial" and I'm sick of the first-black-president crap and the Obama apparel and the he's-black-so-we-need-to-respect-him. Race is so touchy. I could write a whole 'nother post on it. He seems so much more celebrity than president right now, though, whether he intends that or not.

1. High school. Ugh.

Now that I've whined about all that and look like an asswipe... haha.

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