getting the fuck over it.

Life does not give a damn if I like myself or not, so I might as well get the fuck over it and learn to make peace with myself. I can’t expect to face the world if I can barely face myself.

So now I’m getting the fuck over it and
Maybe learn a little self-love, and self-respect. I’ve never wanted to before. I’ve never thought I’m worth it. I’m not, but how can I expect to understand why anyone else likes me?

Scarlett tells me I’m cool as shit. I don’t think she’s lying. But I don’t believe it so it feels like a lie to me, and it’s hard for me to trust people because I feel like everyone lies to me all the time and the world is a grand conspiracy where people are nice to my face and pretend to care when in reality they don’t give a rat’s ass what happens to me.

The world is like that.I

t don’t give a shit if you ain’t happy with what you got. Life goes on anyway. If you’re happy with what you have, you’re just saving yourself time and energy bitching about what you haven’t got, and hating yourself for all the things you are and aren’t. If you don’t like something, quit fucking bitching and change it. I bitch way too fucking much.

I bitch about myself way too fucking much.

I would tell any of my friends that self-love isn’t arrogance and it’s an important step in finding self-confidence.

Which I’m sick of not having.

Another thing I do besides beat myself up all the time is worry. I always analyze everything. Yesterday Colin and I agreed that maybe we wouldn’t make the best couple right now and agreed to maybe date later, if we do, and we’ll just be friends with slip ups for a while because neither of us is actually ready for a real, formal relationship. Besides, he’s still hung up over Kelsey. He says he still has feelings for her which I don’t understand but half the time he is bashing her for being clingy.

He calls me stupid sometimes and that’s not okay. He doesn't put enough value onto sex and that’s not okay. He makes jokes my family and that’s not okay.

I tell him one second that I just want something free and no-strings attached, then I ask him what kind of relationship we’re in and that’s not okay. I’m hot and cold with him all the time and that’s not okay. I test him and play games and that’s not okay. And I'm two-faced a lot behind his back and that's not okay.

In all this, keeping a journal has done one positive thing, well, maybe two, actually: it’s helped me keep my sanity through all this by having somewhere to sort out my thoughts, and it’s helped me recognize patterns and spot signs of trouble.

So we stopped it before we started, because neither of us is what the other wants yet? I think we both have this feeling that we’ll end up together in the end.

But it’s impossible to know.

The only thing I can control is me and being the best person I can be. I can’t control how he thinks or what he does or what he says or why or when he gets a boner or who he texts what to or how he feels or anything. I can’t control that and it’s not something I should bother analyzing patterns in because I can’t do anything to fix it if it has nothing to do with me.

So I’ve decided for a week, that instead of writing everything down and thinking about why, I’m just going to write down only events and if necessary how they make ME feel. I’m going to be selfish and not care about anyone else’s point of view. This is my diary, after all. I don’t have to solve the world. No one can do that.Life is big, life is complicated. As Dr. Bruck hollers, LIFE IS NOT MULTIPLE CHOICE.

I can’t keep doing what I’m doing.

I bought a pack of cigarettes to shake things up and step out of my comfort zone with something that I for once am in complete control of. Nobody’s making me smoke. Nobody’s pressuring me to do it.

I felt pressured to have sex. I feel pressured to lose weight and be thin. I feel pressured to go out partying. I feel pressured to look perfect and be perfect and funny and all that. I feel pressured to put myself out there and make all new friends. I guess none of those are really truly horrible things, but… it makes me uncomfortable to not conform, so I do it, even if it doesn't necessarily make me happy.

Fuck it. Nobody’s pressuring me to have a cigarette, and nobody’s pressuring me to not have a cigarette, so I’m just going to do it if I feel like it.

I’ve never been in so much control before. That sounds stupid and untrue, but for most things in my life, somebody or something was always driving me to do something. I haven't ever really done much for just no reason at all. Control makes me uncomfortable. I’ve always let life have its way with me and hated myself for letting myself get taken advantage of.

Well, I’ll still do that, because stopping it all of a sudden will just flatten me.So for now, I’ll make peace with myself and life and stop trying to figure it out all the time. It’s okay to not know. It’s okay for some things to be a mystery. It’s okay for there to be uncharted water. I don’t have to have Colin on my agenda in the future. I don’t have to date him. Maybe I’ll have his babies; maybe I won’t. Maybe I’ll meet other guys; maybe I won’t.

But it’s like I always said to Colin himself: when you plan things, they have this weird habit of fucking up. I can’t bank on things happening the way I want or expect in life. Sometimes it throws curve balls and I have to deal with it. When I’m my own biggest obstacle, I can’t catch the things life throws at me.

So here's my week off from analyzing and self-scrutiny.

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Madeline Webster said...

If you tell yourself you love yourself you will. I promise. You just have to decide you are no different than anyone else--but quite different. You're different enough to care about yourself. Very few people actually like themselves. When you realize that it'll be a lot easier.


Wow, you really read all that? Danggg. Props! =]

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