My sister and I do stupid things.

Sometimes when we're mad we drive past crowded public places with the windows down blaring screamo and yelling curse words. Sometimes we order takeout from three different restaurants. Sometimes we pool all of our money together to buy something stupid like a Sims 2 expansion pack.

Last night, we came home kind of late from a party at like 11:30. And at midnight, she came into my room and asked if we could talk. So I let her crawl into my bed and we talked until 4 AM. I had work the next day.. today actually. It was a dumb idea.

But still. We're total opposites. I'm like the artistic dreamer and I'm empathetic and I think a lot about the future, I have all these dreams and plans and emotions to sort out and shit. I'm the shy nice girl.
But she, she isn't selfish, she just needs her space and needs to take care of herself before helping anyone else. She's confident and logical and smart and tells you straight and just sees things for what they are. She doesn't get distracted; she doesn't overanalyze. She told me she feels like a robot, though, because she says she never really feels any emotions like anyone else does.

I guess we all have our problems. And I complain about my whirlwind emotions a lot... but all in all, I'm glad I have them, because emotions are what allow us to help people most, I think.

And I guess that's why everyone comes to me with their problems. I can feel everything. I can feel everyone's pain and empathize with everyone. It's good because I can help them... but all those little residual emotions I don't really feel sometimes come back on days like this when I'm too tired to function properly.

I'm just in a weird mood.
Everyone around us is just having trouble emotionally. I don't want her to be next.
I don't need another person to fix.

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The Conductor said...

It's good you have someone you care that much about, though. Don't let it wear you down though. Remember yourself.


Wow, you really read all that? Danggg. Props! =]

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