It's on.

One quirky thing about me is that sometimes I love to prove people wrong. Right now, I'm going through a phase of I-really-just-don't-give-a-shit.

I keep telling myself I'm totally worthless to boys. I'm not pretty enough. I'll never be good at ukulele. I'm a crappy section leader. Winter drum line is going to suck. The people at the museum don't like me. I'm sooo negative. I'm too fat. I'll never fit into size fours. I'm lazy. I'm too dumb to get straight A's. Math is too hard for me. I'll never actually be a real marine biologist since I'm so terrified of college. I'm just a big baby. My style is totally drab. I'm a needy creeper who is addicted to facebook. I always sound dumb. I can't overcome depression. I'm just not worth it.

Sometimes I just give up because I keep thinking not one of these little things is ever going to change.
So in 2011... I'm going to prove myself wrong. Muahahaha!


Anonymous said...

Cypress! You can do it!

-Yuree ;)

The Conductor said...

best possible advice from a similar-style-loser: dive in.

Belinda said...

Why bother about what others think about you? Its just like presenting your report before the audience; find the audience who seems to be interested and set your eyes on them. For them will encourage you throughout the whole talk.
Be optimistic, u are the best(:

Natalie Shonk said...

I'm leaving a comment because I had no idea. I sit in English when I bother to show up, and I see you on the other side of the class room, across the sea of happy, loud ass people, and I guess I never realized your desk was an island just like mine was.
Don't worry about fitting into fours, I fit into 24s and I still worry about whether any company will hire me to model anything but dresses because of my drab skin or my back that never looks good in jeans.
You are healthy, and above all, you have an ass. Be proud of that ass, I will never have a booty, and if I dared, I would lose my only job I'll have until I'm wiping asses through college.


Wow, you really read all that? Danggg. Props! =]

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