i hope to be awesome one day.

I'm not sure how I'll achieve this. I might be climbing up the social ladder, but I'm not sure. I've had to take a lot of leaps of faith and leave some friends behind. The problem is, I know leaving them behind them hurts them, but the thing that bothers me is that... none of that bothers me. I'm my own person now, I've finally broken free from their negative social influence. and now, they can't make me feel awkward around them and others and they can't annoy me and they can't be just plain... weird. I don't mean fun weird like people who play Yu-Gi-Oh (ahem SHANE.) I mean weird as in... I can't describe it.

It's sad because they were my only friends last year and I dumped them.

I feel like the mean bitchy girl in the movies who leaves her bff for popular girls. I kind of feel like whatsername Lindsay Lohan in Mean Girls.

And it doesn't bother me. But since I'm making myself lose this much, maybe I'll be awesome one day. Maybe it will all pay off and once I've made it to the top I can be friends with them.

I really do hope I become awesome one day.

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