i feel like i don't know you anymore.

Edit. It's 10:15. The annoying neighbors have a live band blaring music at some stupid party. How inconsiderate. I have a canker sore in my mouth. I just watched Avatar. Again. I feel a little depressed. I'm not getting much in return for all that I'm losing. The problem is, I've given it up, so why should I get anything in return?

My sister is pissed off for no reason and it's spreading. I'm out of purple kool-aid mix. I'm bored. And tired, but the music is keeping me up. normally loud music doesn't bother me because I'm usually pretty patient and good-natured towards that sort of thing. But not in this mood.

I haven't seen the guy I like since Sunday last week and it... I'm bothered by the fact that I'm not bothered by the fact that it doesn't bother me. I know that looks confusing. It bothers me that I'm not being bothered by not being bothered. (I give up with English.) Hopefully I just won't cry too much when I have to play at his graduation, then. I'm hot with this blanket and cold without. I feel fat. I want to cut my hair before I chicken out but my appointment is next saturday. I feel lazy and lethargic. I don't have much of a to-do list anymore except to study for my exams and discernment interview for Confirmation next week, but I'm still really stressed.

Alltel got bought out by Verizon, and I hate Verizon. Now I'm stuck with it. They also changed their voice mailbox, which is confusing and annoying and I'm not in the mood to deal with it, ever. So if you call me I probably sound really pissed off when you get my voice message. That's why. Because my mailbox talks to me in some annoyingly cool voice, telling me to press 2 to pause, 3 to skip, 4 to save, 5 to do something I've never heard of, 6 to save it for this many days, 9 to just save it, and then no main menu button. I was ready to start hollering at it and then that maddeningly silky electronic voice apologises and tells me I haven't pressed anything, then repeats all those buttons again.

This band is really starting to piss me off. It's 10:30. Go to bed. Oh hey wait they're playing Love Song by the Cure. OK. Redeemed. Still, they've been playing since maybe 4 or 5 today. Wrap it up y'all.

i'm really pissed off and upset and needed to rant. I've been feeling sarcastic and bitchy for the past few hours. Please feel free to either comment in Chinese or not at all. Like always. bye.

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