feeling slightly unloved

This is something I found today. Story of my life.

To an unknown dearest,

I have never met you. You have never met me. Has fate decided it this way? Will I see your face one day? Or shall we be divided by the seven seas, the indomitable waves splashing our stunned cheeks until we’ve had enough? I look around me here in the city. Of all these people, the busboy and the grocery store cashier and the telemarketer and that man walking across the street right there, how could I mingle with all of these people and not find you? I hate to think, what if one of the thousands of people I see a year was you and we passed each other, those three seconds of interaction never occurring, never talking, never caring? We just never knew, we never knew…

God, this wistful contemplation is hard to take, and yet we must wonder.

Know this, my dear, that you are not alone. I can’t fathom how I’ll feel when you find that girl oh yes that girl whom you will adore with all your porcelain heart, how I’ll smile when I hear of you making your success in this bittersweet, cruel world, how I’ll wonder what could have been. But know this, darling, that you hold a special place in my heart.

Your unknown beloved

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