I just got 3 CD’s in the mail today. One is Postal Service’s Give Up (at last! I’ve been waiting forever!), the second is The Frequency EP by PlayRadioPlay! and the third is Pretty Odd by Panic! At the Disco.

At This Moment in Time by PlayRadioPlay! is the story of my life and I hardly realized it.

From up
High you look so lonely and
When I talk to you alone you'll think
That guy he's the cream of the crop
And when you think about me, your heart will stop

So check the big times that got the heart of robot
Like the big guys the body buildin' muscle men
And I can see why you'd pick them over me
They all got, big truck, big subs, and I'm not 18

In 4 months I'll be one year away
But that’s far too long to wait, I'm afraid
So go to the dirt bike track, pick you out a man
They might be riding all the time at least they have a career plan

In 4 months
You'll be in college far away
And that's all I have to say

I never realized. The only thing different is that he is eighteen, I’m not. And it’s me who likes him, not the other way. Unless maybe he does like me. And he’s going to college, not me. Theme song.


After much research here are some things I found, directly quoted.

"i love this song.dan wrote this song about his current girlfriend madi.she is two years older than him, making him currently 17, and she is 19.at first, madi kind of had a problem with the age difference, as at the time he was 16 and she was 18. And also, madi was going away to college, and she didn't want a boyfriend while she was at college.this song is basically about how he realizes he is too young for her, and he understands if she was to choose a "body building muscle man" over him.For the record, after this, madi and dan started a sort of secret relationship, and then they just liked each other too much, and are now currently together.this is when dan wrote "madi don't leave" after she left for college.XD"

"so he's saying that he understands that she's older and doesn’t want to be with him since he's younger, but he's also saying that a lot of other guys are just clones who won't treat her as well as he does/will. "They might be riding all the time at least they have a career plan"also saying that since he's a musician and taking a risk, instead of having a steady career."

I love this song. I also adore the line "heart of a robot." It's like... you're programmed to love who you're programmed to love and your heart will really never stop beating for him. Or her.

Here is some more interesting stuff I found out about the guy behind the band, Dan Hunter. Well, I'll post another song by him- Even Fairy Tale Characters Would Be Jealous.

17 and running up the stairs my baby bear
7 lonely hours that
I've been without a shower
You and I meet in the bathroom with the water on
Steaming up the room with little but a towel on

You are my high
You are my high just like

A joint or two just hangin out the window in September on the 28th
I'll be dethroned and sent to clean up my act
4 months in a penitentiary where I can read and think I'll make it home
Everything I said last night when we were in the car
Telling you I knew I knew I knew that we would make it far
Everyone in this town will see
Someone like you could be with someone like me

Even fairy tale characters would jealous

"he is straightedge now. he use to be an avid drug user back when he was a freshman in high school. he went to rehab for four months ( "4 months in a penitentiary...") and made a complete 360 turn. he talks about natural highs, such as being in love.it's really an inspiring story."

"This song actually isn't about his girlfriend...it's about the 4 months in he spent in rehab, and replacing drug addiction with a safer kind of "high." Yes he went into rehab at 14, after the death of his Father. He was sent on September 28th, and stayed there for 4 months. But now he has natural highs, such as Madi. I think it's rather cute actually."

I love how he writes about natural highs. I am now totally inspired by PlayRadioPlay! now that I know Dan Hunter’s story. His father died, he spiraled into drug abuse, spent four months in rehab, and now he’s got a girlfriend who gives him a natural high. How inspiring. Madi is a lucky girl to have such a strong, talented guy so in love with her. Even with the funny age difference. It makes me feel better that girls can date guys like that, that age should never be a problem. Oh, and the last line? "Someone like you could be with someone like me." No words needed.

I love how much better songs are when you understand their meanings.

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