Today I saw my neighbor going jogging; I passed him when I was driving at about where the pond to where my Narnia used to be is, before they cut down all the trees back there. I got upstairs and put my dress in my closet (we’d come back from the tailor’s after deciding it didn’t need tailoring after all), then went to my window because I wanted for some strange reason to watch him come back up. As I got to the window, I saw that he was jogging up his driveway. He jogged to the sidewalk, walked to the front door, and stopped and leaned on the railing and panted for a moment, then went inside.

I don’t know why, but I thought that was kind of interesting to watch. Like I was a part of his life for a moment. We’re neighbors, the very same age, and our lives cross in so many ways, yet we’re still almost like strangers.

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